Organic Steem User Retention

DLine seeks to retain, recognise and encourage potential outstanding content creators by sending them a life line.


Retention via Encouragement

DLine will connect with demoralised and forgotten content creators and will pass their work down a line of manual curators.


Accelerating Innovation

DLine will seek out positive segments of innovation and accelerate them through mentorship and connection.


Connected Communities

DLine will strive to openly collaborate with other user empowerment, onboarding, retention and curation communities and initiatives.

Reaching the Peak of Potential

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
― Winston S. Churchill

DLine Key Nodes

DLine 'Nodes' are individuals working on the front lines or behind the scenes to find, empower, accelerate and retain users and their potential and existing contributions.

Long time Steem user, blockchain integrator and witness with 20+ years experience leading online initiatives.

@GuiltyParties Founder, Node

Investor and business developer.
I love decentralized social media and am an avid Steemian.

@TheycallmeDan Founder, Node

"I learned to have faith in myself. I learned I could write the more I practiced. I learned not to be ashamed if I made a few errors."

@Snook Lead Node